Recorded Conference Sessions 2016

What is Digital Storytelling?


Amelia Wong discusses storytelling in museums, the nature of story, and what digital means for the former – providing a foundation for thinking about story in general and digital storytelling more specifically. Amelia is currently the web content strategist at The J.Paul Getty Trust. Her scholarship focuses on the use of digital media to enrich audience engagement in museum practice, principally in terms of communication, storytelling, and democratization.

Talk Back: Annie Polland and Phillip Tiongson

This talk focused on the collaboration between the Tenement museum and Potion Design, using the Shop Life tour as a case study. The session built on a previous talk  which Annie and Philip gave at MCN, discussing the importance of finding core values, assessing the field, defining a collaborative process, and conducting formative evaluation within the creation, launch, and maintenance of an exhibit.